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Wedding Dresses in Mermaid Style

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The style of the Mermaid is truly one of the most unusual and interesting types of wedding dresses. It originates from the silhouette of the Princess dresses and, thanks to the fashion designers’ fantasy, has a unique shape. Not every bride will risk choosing this type of wedding dress, mainly because of the original cut and emphasis on certain forms of the figure.
Features of Mermaid Dresses

This wedding dress is distinguished by a narrow, body-fitting top, and a smooth extension from the middle of the thigh or even the middle of the knees. It’s got its name because of its similarity to the fish tail. Most often, the bottom of this dress has a tail of different lengths or drapery from behind. It can also be decorated with a cascade of flounces. Rarely, this silhouette has a rounded skirt shape.

Decoration of the Upper Part of the Dress

There are several ways to decorate the upper part of the mermaid dress:

  • lacing or corset bodice;
  • a closed version with long sleeves;
  • open back;
  • narrow or wide straps.

The right choice of the upper part of this silhouette dress can advantageously emphasize the dignity of the figure, graceful hands, a beautiful chest or back area. But do not overload the shoulder area of the dress so that it does not look clumsily, bearing in mind that the main accent is the skirt.

Who Can Choose a Mermaid Dress?

One of the main conditions for such a silhouette of the dress is large height (or high-heeled shoes). In such a wedding dress, it is almost impossible to hide faults. Girls with pear and triangle figure type are recommended to refrain from Mermaid style, because of the disproportionate forms. This style of dresses will emphasize the beauty of girls with hourglass figure & elegant shapes.

It is worth paying attention to one aspect: this type of dress, because of the thin fabric from which it is cut, often shows the folds on the body and the underwear line. This can spoil the whole image of the elegance of your appearance. In addition, it should be taken into consideration that the style of this dress quite strongly limits movement when walking.

Mermaid style is a good option for brides who love shocking. The style of this dress will fully attract guests’ attention and concentrate it on the bride, therefore she should preliminary bring herself into an ideal physical form. Thanks to this style of dress, it is easy to emphasize the sexuality and boldness. It will give a bride some extravagance, courage, sexuality, and confidence. If a woman adds an elongated veil or flower wreath to the image, this will give an impression of grace and tenderness. This style can fit the most diverse styles of wedding celebrations.


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