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Is Anavar legal in Australia?

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Nowadays there are so many steroids that are marketed on an online basis as well as in reputed health and care stores that people have lost track of which one to buy, and which one to leave behind. Anavar is among those popular dietary supplementation products that have become popular as an anabolic agent, helping you to gain muscle mass and also aiding in rapid weight loss. There are a lot of professional bodybuilders and athletes who prefer taking Anavar supplements on a daily basis and experience subsequent positive results in a very short period of time. But there are several controversies on its legal regulation across the world, especially in Australia.

Why do you use Anavar?

Anavar falls under those safe anabolic products that do not impose much adverse effects on the body, even if it is slightly misregulated. It is popularly used by male and female athletes to help in proper building up of muscle tissues, so as to cause a substantial increase in the power output of the body. It is said that any strong steroidal products cause different result impacts on the body due to difference in complexities in male and female users. A woman’s body responds and tolerates the effects of an exogenous hormonal supplementation product in a more complex way than a man’s body. Since it imparts very less amount of side effects on the female body, it is often called as the “girl’s steroid” as lots of female bodybuilders are regular users of the product.  But there are certain steroid laws in Australia that are strictly regulated with reference to the use of dietary compounds sold across the globe.

Anavar is known to increase the volume of lean muscles thereby helping in maximising body strength, speed, agile output and power endurance. The product is generally regulated in the cutting cycle as Anavar helps in retention of water in the muscle tissues, which helps them to bulk up rapidly in proper shape and size. It makes the muscle fibres improve their mechanism of up taking nitrogen that boosts the rate of protein synthesis within them. Meanwhile it also helps in accelerating the basal metabolic rate of the body that helps in burning excess amount of fat stored in adipose tissues by bringing down the rate of its catabolism.

Serious side effects like abnormal loss of hair, Gynecomastia, erectile dysfunctions, infertility, insomnia, enlargement of clitoris, malfunctions of vital organs are generally not associated with Anavar when regulated properly under expert supervision.

Legal status of Anavar in Australia:

Anavar falls under the class of controlled substances as mentioned in the legal procedures of Australia. Therefore it is considered illegal if you try to purchase any form of the product without a valid prescription from a reputed doctor or physician. Many fraudulent dealers sell Anavar supplementation products at cheap rates in the black market from where you can purchase them without a prescription. But that is considered illicit and risky because if you do not abide by the steroid laws in Australia, you may end up in the jail for your mistake and even can be cheated on with a fake product from the black market.

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