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Birmingham Magician and Mind reader – Duncan William

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Duncan William is a magician and mind reader from the West Midlands. His act extends beyond the classics of magic which have traditionally been reserved for pulling rabbits out of a hat, cutting women in half or making and aeroplane disappear.

Duncan’s magic is pure fun, exciting and contemporary and he has been a professional magician in Birmingham, mind reader and entertainer for over 15 years. Duncan’s takes both his close up and after-dinner cabaret act all over the West Midlands and performs regularly in Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Coventry and Solihull to name a few.

He also travels extensively around the UK and internationally. His close up magic mixes highly visual commercial magic such as vanishing decks of cards and changing them into blocks of glass, turning £10 notes into £20, or pulling you’re playing card out of his phone. What makes Duncan extra unique and perfect as a wedding magician, is his additional skill of mind reading. Skills such as telling you your star sign, unlocking your mobile phone, telling you your first kiss or revealing your bank PIN number are just some of the feats Duncan performs.

Duncan also travels extensively as a corporate and private party after-dinner entertainer and his act is self-contained and plays to audiences of up to 2000 for approximately 45 minutes. This show blends magic and mind reading with a heavy weighting on mind reading. It’s fresh, original, contemporary and highly interactive and fun.

Duncan has grown up watching classic magicians such as Paul Daniels, but it was when David Blaine came on to the scene in 2000 making magic cool where Duncan’s love of magic really flourished. Spearheaded by British magicians such as Paul Zenon and later, Derren Brown and Dynamo, Duncan has taken his magic to Japan for a 3 year engagement and all over the UK.

Duncan can also be hired to perform his magic at trade shows where he can tailor his act to include key corporate messages, branding and unique selling points. Again his act is highly interactive and is guaranteed to generate sales leads and is one of the best returns on investments if looking for something to bring potential clients or customers onto your exhibition stand.

So why hire a magician at all?

Well, hiring Duncan or any one of the hundreds of magicians in the UK or internationally, is an extremely versatile and adaptable form of business for either a party or corporate event. For a wedding, Duncan, if booked as a wedding magician, can mix and mingle with your guests whilst you are having your photos being taken. Other popular times for hiring Duncan include during the wedding breakfast where the bride and groom experience their first meal as a married couple. Great magic and mind reading is a perfect way to complement great food and wine. The third popular option for hiring a wedding magician is for the evening entertainment. A lot of evening guests may feel as though they have missed on a lot of the fun already at a wedding and may be looking forward to just the buffet to escape the awkwardness of not knowing anyone at the wedding. Hiring a skilled magician and mind reader like Duncan is the perfect way to break the ice between guests and integrate them into the party to leave them with something truly memorable to leave the wedding with.

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