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Why do women like shopping

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Most men will visit and read this article because they think it’s one of their biggest problems, taking women to shop. It’s not wrong to say that women do like shopping and they are crazy about it. If you don’t believe that, you are a fool. Look around and observe the behavior of women when they are asked to do the shopping. For this activity, they will push aside all of their pending work, and is ready to go to the shopping at once. Why this does happens? Why they are so much interested in going out and shop and shop for hours and hours? And the best part about that they won’t even regret the wastage of time in shopping. This question is in so many minds, so we decided to give possible answers to this question. So following are some reasons why this happens:

 Time out:

As we all know that we are human beings and we are not trained to work twenty four hours continuously, nor we can follow a same routine over and over for so many days. It is in our nature to get bored. It has been proved in a research that mostly housewives like to spend hours in shopping than the working women. The reason behind that is they are busy in doing housework all the time. They get bored and the best way to settle you down is to go and have some time out. Most women like to do that in the form of shopping.


If you are having some kind of stress and you are suffering from breakups and the world around you is being torn apart, shopping can be a good distraction. It takes your mind away from all the problems and you feel good after buying some stuff for yourself. It can be soothing and has a therapeutic effect on your nature. So if you are feeling down, grab your bag and go to a shop. You will feel great about that.

 Satisfying and relaxing:

It is really weird but true that shopping can be satisfying and relaxing for some people. Not only women, but some men also like to do some shopping in bad times, because it is a best distraction you can have.

 Spend time with friends:

Shopping really gives you the opportunity to spend some time with your friends, and women are crazy about it because they don’t get this time more often like men. This can have a positive effect on the mood and this can change the aura around them. So you have relationship problems with your wife and you want them to be over, try taking her to some shopping. You will feel the difference.

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