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Dress up on occasions

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Fashion is something that many women are crazy over. Some are even obsessed, with fashion, shopping, makeup Etc. Ever since the girls are as young as 5 or 6, they love dressing up. This liking for dressing up never goes out of their blood. Some girls even become designers themselves. This obsession is mostly related to women. That is because from a very young age, the women are interested in fashion, make up and shopping. When we grow up we do not have that much time to think about our outfits. We cannot play mix and match because we simply do not have time. Sometimes, our work makes us so busy and tired that we wear the same pair of jeans for three days straight. We just do not have the energy to think about putting together a cute outfit. When we grow up, we are wishing we had days off to play dress up with our friends. No matter, how busy you are, you can still dress up for occasions. This is why special occasions need to be celebrated with a flare. On occasions you are on holidays and your friends are also there with you to enjoy these events. Here are some of the events on which you can dress up the way that you always wanted to.


This is a very interesting holiday. If you decide to play dress up at this event, you will enjoy yourself a lot. Just gather your friends and decide to dress yourself as the most interesting characters. The best thing about Halloween is that no matter what you decide to wear, you will be in fashion. You want to be a Greek goddess then dress like that. You want to play your favorite war queen, then go and dress like that. There are so many options to dress up at this occasion. You can completely change your look and amaze the other people at the party.

July Fourth:
July forth is celebrated by all Americans as an independence day. In the spirit of that day, a lot of patriotic people like to dress up in a unique way. If you are someone who is not into celebrating the day then too you can play dress up with your friends. A lot of people throw huge parties in celebration of the independence day. These parties are often themed. People like to wear costumes that has the American flag on it to show their love for their country. If you do not want to dress up too much you can wear one item to show your contribution. For the ladies there are always many such options. The ladies red white and blue stars with stripes flag boots are one of the most famous independence boots. Ladies love to buy these shoes as they can dress it up with their custom made independence costumes.

There are many more occasions that you can dress up for. You just need to be in the spirit to dress up.

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