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A Guide to Italian Leather Glasses Case

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  • Introduction

Which of these is the correct description, glasses, spectacles of eye wear? Well, in truth who really cares! We’ll use all three and maybe invent some more.

Somewhat to my amusement, I discovered a dictionary definition of ‘spectacle case’; I was informed that a spectacle case is ‘for storing spectacles’. The sad part being, I actually took the time to look it up in the first place!

However Italian leather glasses cases are very much than a pouch for storing spectacles; they are practical fashion accessories.

  • What’s so special about Italian leather?

Italian leather is regarded as the best leather in the world. It is used in the production of many, many products; being particularly popular within the fashion industry. It is not mass produced but carefully and skilfully manufactured from only the finest hides. It is this extreme attention to detail that gives Italian leather a superior look and feel over its churned-out counterparts.

The feel, texture and aroma of Italian leather makes for a delicious sensory treat.

OK, initially Italian leather is not the cheapest leather option, but it is, thanks to meticulous production, extraordinarily durable. Durability makes for longevity, and longevity represents value for money!

Furthermore, Italian leather used in such items as glasses cases is easily maintained, an occasional wipe with a damp cloth will suffice. It is also resistant to minor scratches and stains.

  • What’s so special about Italian leather eye wear cases?

So many of us spectacle wearers have long endured inadequate flimsy pouches or bulky hard cases that really aren’t pocket friendly. Italian leather cases are lightweight, protective and beautifully designed.

Yes, they are definitely a fashion accessory, coming in a range of wonderful colours and tones; including blacks, blues, browns, burgundies, green, greys, tan and vermillion. Shop the leather glasses from Shopper Stop.

For a good example of colour choice and styling take a peek at one of the premiere online suppliers; BUTTI Eyewear Cases.

Here you will find a whole stunning range in a style and colour to match your eyes or, perhaps, your Porsche! Italian leather cases, are very smart accessories that have a practical use and more than a hint of absolute class.

On the practical side, the Butti presented cases all come equipped with a clever spectacle ejector mechanism; well perhaps not quite the right description, but suffice to say you don’t have to fumble around in the case leaving thumb and finger prints all over the lenses.

  • How much do they cost?

Check out the BUTTI website for more details. Here you’ll find an easy to navigate site with all eye wear cases shown along with current prices. Ordering is simple and delivery fast.

There are styles specifically designed for men and women; you’ll be sorely tempted to buy more than just one case. The perfect special gift or treat any one could ever wish for.

  • In conclusion

Italian leather glasses cases are beautiful, they’re a must have decoration that will protect your specs and impress all your friends.

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