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Duncan William is a magician and mind reader from the West Midlands. His act extends beyond the classics of magic which have traditionally been reserved for pulling rabbits out of a hat, cutting women in half or making and aeroplane disappear.

Duncan’s magic is pure fun, exciting and contemporary and he has been a professional magician in Birmingham, mind reader and entertainer for over 15 years. Duncan’s takes both his close up and after-dinner cabaret act all over the West Midlands and performs regularly in Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Coventry and Solihull to name a few.

He also travels extensively around the UK and internationally. His close up magic mixes highly visual commercial magic such as vanishing decks of cards and changing them into blocks of glass, turning £10 notes into £20, or pulling you’re playing card out of his phone. What makes Duncan extra unique and perfect as a wedding magician, is his additional skill of mind reading. Skills such as telling you your star sign, unlocking your mobile phone, telling you your first kiss or revealing your bank PIN number are just some of the feats Duncan performs.

Duncan also travels extensively as a corporate and private party after-dinner entertainer and his act is self-contained and plays to audiences of up to 2000 for approximately 45 minutes. This show blends magic and mind reading with a heavy weighting on mind reading. It’s fresh, original, contemporary and highly interactive and fun.

Duncan has grown up watching classic magicians such as Paul Daniels, but it was when David Blaine came on to the scene in 2000 making magic cool where Duncan’s love of magic really flourished. Spearheaded by British magicians such as Paul Zenon and later, Derren Brown and Dynamo, Duncan has taken his magic to Japan for a 3 year engagement and all over the UK.

Duncan can also be hired to perform his magic at trade shows where he can tailor his act to include key corporate messages, branding and unique selling points. Again his act is highly interactive and is guaranteed to generate sales leads and is one of the best returns on investments if looking for something to bring potential clients or customers onto your exhibition stand.

So why hire a magician at all?

Well, hiring Duncan or any one of the hundreds of magicians in the UK or internationally, is an extremely versatile and adaptable form of business for either a party or corporate event. For a wedding, Duncan, if booked as a wedding magician, can mix and mingle with your guests whilst you are having your photos being taken. Other popular times for hiring Duncan include during the wedding breakfast where the bride and groom experience their first meal as a married couple. Great magic and mind reading is a perfect way to complement great food and wine. The third popular option for hiring a wedding magician is for the evening entertainment. A lot of evening guests may feel as though they have missed on a lot of the fun already at a wedding and may be looking forward to just the buffet to escape the awkwardness of not knowing anyone at the wedding. Hiring a skilled magician and mind reader like Duncan is the perfect way to break the ice between guests and integrate them into the party to leave them with something truly memorable to leave the wedding with.

Philip K Dick’s novel “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” was released as a film, Blade Runner, in 1982, and it changed fashion in a big way. Prior to this film, PVC was big in fashion and Cardin was delivering Jetson’s geometrical designs. Paco Rabanne had the catwalks in a storm.

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After Blade Runner, the world of fashion truly changed. Here we review the effect of Blade Runner on men’s fashion back then and now.

The original film

The film was set in 2019, and the character Rick Deckard was assigned to eliminate replicants, which were androids that looked like humans. The character then reflects on his reality and starts to question it, wondering what is truly real and what is not.

Back to the future

To this day, despite being only two years away from the date the film was set in, the film still looks as though it is set in the future. If you compare it to films like Atari that were also made in the 1980s, there is a big difference.

One could say there was real coming together of various aspects that made it work. The modern soundtrack had the effect giving it the sense of a Western Tokyo of sorts. A new release is coming out soon, Blade Runner 2049, starring Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford – again! Harrison Ford has even claimed that he can still fit into his original costume after 30 years.

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The designers

The original movie costume team – Mead, who also worked on the movie Tron (released in 1982); Ridley Scott, who did the sketches; and Charles Knode and Michael Kaplan, the designers – were real trend setters for the catwalks back then. They influenced the catwalk in a big way, and the designers were showcasing fashions influenced by Blade Runner. Men’s Designer Clothes such as will always seek to follow catwalk fashion as men and women alike are keen to be on trend.

With the new Blade Runner 2049 being released, the men’s catwalk and fashion trends will once again be hugely impacted by this movie. After all, what man does not want to look like a hero?

Keep an eye on the catwalks of fashion shows and watch as Blade Runner takes the lead in men’s fashion for the autumn season.

The making of a handicraft involves skill, creativity and innovation. A handicraft is truly a sign of artistic excellence and beauty which can be used for a number of decorative purposes. There are different categories such as household items, furniture, clothes, jewelry etc that are created by talented artists. For the creation of hand-made goods special tools are used for designing art on fabric, metal or wood. With different cultures you will experience different handicraft which are fascinating. This artistry is passed on from generation to generation which makes the artisans so great. These days, handicraft goods are made out of numerous materials. Brass handicrafts are quite unique that do require precision. The demand for brass handicrafts is very huge in Europe and North America. Brass artifacts made in India are supplied in huge quantities overseas. Moradabad is a city that is known for offering brass work of different types that is famous globally.

Brass Handicrafts in India

Indian handicrafts have evolved from the oldest civilization in the world. These innovations are a result of vast cultural and traditional diversification. Indian handicrafts have managed to acquire a reputed name around the world due to the classic & contemporary variety. These handicraft items can also be offered as precious gifts on special occasions. In India, the burial process is managed through specific rituals. Brass cremation urns are regarded as a valuable source to preserve the remains of loved ones. These urns are available in all shapes and sizes. Moreover, there are several designs which can be accessed for making the memories more precious. Brass urns can now be bought online and can even be customized as per your wish.

Home Décor Elements

Brass handicrafts are not only used as decorative pieces but have numerous utilities. Antique furniture and sculptures are admired by a larger customer population. The furniture made out of brass offers elegance. In order to make the home décor appear alluring you can surely add brass handicrafts which will add style and royalty. With time, brass antiques have grown popular both in Asia as well as European countries. Antique reproductions are indeed sensible to brighten up the interior. The most famous variety of brass handicrafts include statues, candle holders, figures, candle stands etc.

Online Decorative Ideas

You can take the help of internet in order to search for decorative ideas with brass handicrafts. Moreover, one can even check out websites for buying brass artifacts that are very impressive. You need not have to visit any store or shopping center but can sit at home and shop. Brass antiques are the best choice in order to make your house appear attractive.

Final Say:

Handicrafts made out of brass have a unique appearance that is mesmerizing. It requires great skill to make out brass artifacts. Skilled artisans for brass handicrafts are mainly centered in Asia and especially India. The prices vary depending on the design and artwork involved. Do not miss a chance to buy such handicrafts for your home décor.

You are born beautiful, yet with a little help, you could easily be even more beautiful. The goal of Smooth Synergy Cosmedic Clinic is to make sure that the perfect Bunbury beauty is applied to all the men and women who deserve it. With simple and affordable procedures, you would be introduced to the better version of yourself you had no idea existed within you. The pinnacle of your beauty is asleep deep within, and with a little help from Smooth Synergy Cosmedic Clinic, you will rise and shine to welcome a better future.

The Services at Smooth Synergy Cosmedic Clinic, Bunbury

All the beauty experts and medical professionals at Smooth Synergy Cosmedic Clinic are trained to give the best treatments in a wide range of options. Some of the most popular services Smooth Synergy Cosmedic Clinic has to offer include:

  • Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is a new technique, and not many other beauty Bunbury clinics have the capability to conduct this treatment. Microdermabrasion is a secret kept by Hollywood actresses for many years before being fairly introduced to the masses. Microdermabrasion treatment would uncover the mask of dead and dry skin on your face to reveal the shining layer beneath.

  • Cosmetic Tattooing

Cosmetic tattooing is an increasingly popular procedure dedicated to enhancing the parts you see as inadequately pronounced, such as the thickness of your eyebrows as well as the redness of your lips. This permanent method will ensure that you would never require the help of lipstick or eyeliner ever again.

  • IPL Permanent Hair Reduction

IPL Permanent Hair reduction would eliminate the growth of hair on undesirable spots permanently. This procedure is very popular for both men and women. IPL Permanent Hair Reduction would take the hassle of frequent shaving and unsightly hair growth out of your life.

Smooth Synergy Cosmedic Clinic received five-time champion of Australian Small Business award. Beauty-enhancing procedures can at times be painful and invasive. Despite the exorbitant cost demanded by some other beauty clinics, you still hear horror stories about how some procedures can go so wrong as to destroy the face of the patient. Entrust your beauty only to those who deserve your faith.

The term foreclosure is actually one heard increasingly more all all over the world, and along with foreclosures coming to all period high, this really is something that may affect anybody unexpectedly, and it’s thus smart to educate oneself in regards to what your choices are if you ever be confronted with this issue. With that kind of education because, here tend to be some essential tips you have to consider. They are just common tips, and the facts of how you can exactly start executing all these should end up being researched within more detail through the individual, as choices and procedures will be different depending upon where on the planet you reside.


This could be the most apparent and appealing option, and at first glance looks such as the best 1, BUT, often possible foreclosures might have bad credit score, and cannot obtain a loan in a reasonable rate of interest. Another essential aspect is which there must be equity within the property. Therefore, with all of the preceding info in your mind, refinancing could be an excellent way to cease a foreclosures, and with respect to the circumstances, you could possibly switch loan companies, obtain less rate and/or repayment, and thus obtain a fresh begin.

Communication using the Lender

If you receive into trouble in relation to your payments, do not really ignore communications out of your lender. On the other hand, inform them of the problems AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Explain your circumstances, for instance, a work loss scenario, but there may well be considered a possibility of time for work quickly. While one might not be able in order to catch in the arrears, many banks may be willing to include the arrears to the end from the loan and therefore bring it to current standing. Know this particular, the bank doesn’t want your home. Generally, these people lose upon foreclosures, so they’ll be willing to utilize you. So great communication together with your lender is important, as this could definitely cease a foreclosures and maintain both events happy.


While this is sometimes a viable choice, it is certainly less preferred. Most individuals detest the chance of needing to uproot on their own and proceed elsewhere. So in case your current property is becoming unaffordable, it is more preferable to sell and purchase something less expensive or rent for those who have no additional option, and also to walk from a foreclosures, than to try and hang upon beyond a place that you’re capable associated with and have to move anyway due to a foreclosure.

Acquiring “Special Forbearance”

This requires approaching your own lender as well as arranging short-term suspension of the payments, usually perform to temporary problems. This kind of arrangements may incur delinquency costs and curiosity, which is going to be added for your outstanding stability. Different institutions will offer you different options with this regard, so speak to your lender.


What this means is voluntarily giving your home to the lending company. For this to become an choice and lawfully binding, the lending company must accept such a good arrangement. They will often do so when they deem this method to be probably be profitable. Even though downside of the option is that you simply lose the actual possible equity within the property, about the upside a person avoid pricey legal costs and even though you shed your collateral, this continues to be a lot better than being in foreclosure process and destroying your credit score.


While this really is an choice, it may be widely recorded that, with respect to the type associated with bankruptcy submitted, in 9 from 10 cases this can only sluggish the foreclosures down, although not ultimately cease it.


While these might not be the just options to prevent foreclosures, they are the most typical ones. I trust this information may prove very helpful to individuals whose that read this, and I wish to thank a person for making the effort to achieve this.

Modern guy has come quite a distance since the days of historic papyrus as well as mural art. In the current time as well as world, we are apt to have a great deal facilities that people have designed for our selves to higher cope with the standards that people have set up. Modern technologies and resourcefulness has assisted us develop lots of useful items to help us using the modern day time life and issues that we encounter within our lives. Having in order to sustain the actual society that people have produced one should develop particular ways to achieve that: this times we take advantage of several things like contemporary accounting.

Lots of stuff are utilized at work work which accountants perform. Besides the standard very utilized computers, lots of expendables need to be used for any proper work to become done. Probably the most expendables tend to be fax printer ink films as well as barcode laces and ribbons.

Some of the greatest barcode ribbons currently available wax laces and ribbons or resin laces and ribbons. It may be proven that they’re the most dependable and useful barcode laces and ribbons. Wax ribbons happen to be made so that these people contain lots of wax dependent materials within their colorant material. This type of barcode ribbons happen to be made by doing this because the actual wax includes a lower burning point thus the power required in order to print the actual ink becoming lower. Waxes happen to be showed to become more effective than resins in using barcode laces and ribbons. On another hand the problem of utilizing wax laces and ribbons would the truth that the sturdiness of polish is scaled-down than regarding resins. The reason being wax is actually softer compared to resin and the truth that the polish ribbons are created with just one layer associated with colorant. Testing and lots of using associated with wax laces and ribbons has show that they’re best utilized at common purpose marking, and additional general actions that do not require coated substrates, matte covered substrates along with other film dependent tagging. The very best usage with this kin
d associated with barcode ribbons will be in the actual situations in which the time required to print the actual image about the label is extremely small as well as if the life span of the actual label is actually of temporary.

With the aid of modern technologies and brand new found supplies, the time for that image to become printed may be shortened to some near 8 in order to 12 in . per 2nd, a amazing fact in the event that we consider it. Another benefit of the polish based barcode ribbons will be the fact that they’re actually the actual lest expensive of the type. Improvements are also done so the absorption capacity for the substrate area is elevated drastically.

Another common and really used expendable within the daily life in the office would function as the fax printer ink films. They are extremely important in order to us in the event that information will be transferred in one location to a different, in formation that should be put down in writing. Contracts, pictures as well as deeds or even other essential papers as well as messages might be sent by using faxes. Running from fax printer ink film wouldn’t be the best thing. Buying the very best and most dependable of fax printer ink film is on most importance when the work in the office is to advance according in order to plans.

Companies such as tele-paper possess made the name with regard to their-selves within being really reliable with regards to products such as barcode laces and ribbons and fax printer ink film. Printing associated with labels as well as office function has significantly improved because of companies such as this that put considerable time into building and screening products for any better dependability.

It is essential for individuals with type 1 diabetes or even type two diabetes who’re on insulin or even oral medication to keep a normal blood sugar levels and also to establish remedy goals:

-to manage their bloodstream pressure

-to have the ideal bodyweight

-to avoid diabetes problems (center, kidney problems)

Individuals are common dietary objectives, but the united states Dietary Recommendations for wholesome eating for those Americans, includes the next: to use within alimentation monounsaturated fats(virgin essential olive oil, canola essential oil) as well as polyunsaturated natural oils (sunflower, rapeseed) and also to avoid using saturated fats(pet products)and prevent cholesterol eat. To eat lots of fiber-rich meals (entire grains, clean foods, veggies), nut products, seeds or even legumes. Focus on the sugars in meals. (particularly in fruit).

Protein intake ought to be reduced: seafood and soy-protein tend to be recommended.

Salt intake also needs to be restricted. American Diabetes as well as Dietetic Organization recommend the balanced dinner plan: More calories ought to be taken through carbohydrates, 2nd comes body fat and 3rd protein.

Like a general collection everyone ought to serve: 2 portions associated with fatty seafood., five of vegetables and fruit and 6 of entire grains. Diet programs are prepared with dietitians to be able to meet the requirements of everyone with diabetes kind I as well as type II.

For instance during research the scientists came to the final outcome that in the event that people stay centered on it any nutritious diet (the high-carbohydrate/high-fiber diet plan, a low-fat diet plan, and a weight loss diet)is great for those along with diabetes kind II, after twelve months . 5 the outcomes were for that people within the study enhanced glycolated hemoglobin as well as cholesterol amounts. Other efficient methods tend to be on diabetes trade list: keeping track of carbohydrate gr, using the actual glycemic catalog.

Monitoring blood sugar carefully is actually suggested through doctors, to avoid hypoglycemia as well as hyperglycemia. Glycemia must have the subsequent values: 80-140mg/dL pre-meal, 100-160 bed time levels decided four or even more times each day. Of program for really young, early individuals, women that are pregnant and individuals with a precare health there will vary values.

A very simple to use at house test is actually: glycosylated hemoglobin check which examines the severity from the diabetes, regular values tend to be below 7%, high levels really are a marker with regard to kidney problems and bad control associated with carbohydrates. Hypoglycemia happens when blood sugar levels is really low and is extremely dangerous with regard to drivers whenever it happens suddenly, it might also occur through the night.

Patients along with diabetes must always carry desserts or sugar substitutes specifically for diabetic individuals to avoid collapse in the event of hypoglycemia.

Additional recommended assessments are: with regard to high bloodstream pressure, harmful cholesterol amounts, urine tests that are significant whenever traces associated with albumin are simply that show severe kidney illness.

Buying a wall map that shows street-level detail can be one of the trickiest tasks a small business faces, especially if the buyer is geographically challenged.For some businesses, a good local wall map may make the difference between a flat bottom line and one that bulges upward a little.Few buyers know it, but the task of buying a map for the wall is loaded with possibilities of making a mistake that the purchaser later will regret. The job is not as simple as reaching for a can of beans on a shelf at your local supermarket.

Here are 10 tips to help the buyer avoid a disaster:

  1. Know what job you want the map to do.
  • Does it cover the territory you need covered?
  • What features do you want the map to show?
  • Do you want a pretty map or a useful map? Color? Black/white?
  • What size do you seek? Will it fit your wall?
  • Is the method of hanging important? (rails? rollers? eyelets? nothing?)
  • Is lamination necessary, or would you accept paper if available? (Most maps for the wall are not available in paper, because the publisher can’t make enough money to support its business by selling paper maps.)
  1. Be willing to compromise.

There is no such thing as a perfect map. Be aware that the business of publishing a map – any map – is extremely complex. Partly because of this, as an example, every map sold to businesses is out of date on the day it comes off the press. And the longer it sits unsold on a shelf, the less current its information is.  3-meo-pcp The key questions the buyer needs to ask: Does this map do the job for me? Or are there better alternatives?

  1. Know your publisher.

Publishers come in all kinds of stripes. No two are alike. Each publisher has its own methods, its own goals, its own priorities. And different publishers focus on different markets, serving different clientele. Make sure the publisher you choose focuses on your needs as a customer.

Don’t buy a map just because the publisher is a household name. That publisher may not serve the market you’re in, and the map offered by that publisher likely won’t serve your needs. Example: If you’re not part of the market that includes tourists, you don’t want to choose a street-level-detail product for your wall produced by a publisher whose primary market is tourists.While you may want to avoid a publisher that is a household name, it’s not wise to choose a publisher you’ve never heard of. Ask another small business that has bought a map for the wall. Would it buy another one from the publisher you’re considering?

Where does the information on the map come from? A map publisher’s standard answer is that it comes from local government sources. What that publisher doesn’t want you to know is that it may be buying that information from a third party which may have gotten it from a local government source, maybe via the Internet.

Nowadays there are so many steroids that are marketed on an online basis as well as in reputed health and care stores that people have lost track of which one to buy, and which one to leave behind. Anavar is among those popular dietary supplementation products that have become popular as an anabolic agent, helping you to gain muscle mass and also aiding in rapid weight loss. There are a lot of professional bodybuilders and athletes who prefer taking Anavar supplements on a daily basis and experience subsequent positive results in a very short period of time. But there are several controversies on its legal regulation across the world, especially in Australia.

Why do you use Anavar?

Anavar falls under those safe anabolic products that do not impose much adverse effects on the body, even if it is slightly misregulated. It is popularly used by male and female athletes to help in proper building up of muscle tissues, so as to cause a substantial increase in the power output of the body. It is said that any strong steroidal products cause different result impacts on the body due to difference in complexities in male and female users. A woman’s body responds and tolerates the effects of an exogenous hormonal supplementation product in a more complex way than a man’s body. Since it imparts very less amount of side effects on the female body, it is often called as the “girl’s steroid” as lots of female bodybuilders are regular users of the product.  But there are certain steroid laws in Australia that are strictly regulated with reference to the use of dietary compounds sold across the globe.

Anavar is known to increase the volume of lean muscles thereby helping in maximising body strength, speed, agile output and power endurance. The product is generally regulated in the cutting cycle as Anavar helps in retention of water in the muscle tissues, which helps them to bulk up rapidly in proper shape and size. It makes the muscle fibres improve their mechanism of up taking nitrogen that boosts the rate of protein synthesis within them. Meanwhile it also helps in accelerating the basal metabolic rate of the body that helps in burning excess amount of fat stored in adipose tissues by bringing down the rate of its catabolism.

Serious side effects like abnormal loss of hair, Gynecomastia, erectile dysfunctions, infertility, insomnia, enlargement of clitoris, malfunctions of vital organs are generally not associated with Anavar when regulated properly under expert supervision.

Legal status of Anavar in Australia:

Anavar falls under the class of controlled substances as mentioned in the legal procedures of Australia. Therefore it is considered illegal if you try to purchase any form of the product without a valid prescription from a reputed doctor or physician. Many fraudulent dealers sell Anavar supplementation products at cheap rates in the black market from where you can purchase them without a prescription. But that is considered illicit and risky because if you do not abide by the steroid laws in Australia, you may end up in the jail for your mistake and even can be cheated on with a fake product from the black market.

The internet is an essential element of our everyday life. We receive, more often than ever, information regarding new business opportunities. One of these opportunities is My Shopping Genie business. In this article we will investigate whether this opportunity is a scam or not.

Before we can give our verdict, we should be familiar with what My Shopping Genie actually is. The product they launched on the market is a software application, a FREE internet-based app that compares prices for you. This free app allows consumers to find offers at over 200, 000 stores, liquidators and product manufacturers, together with over 1, 000, 000 coupons and special deals.

As soon as My Shopping Genie is installed, locating fantastic deals will be as easy as exploring the internet. Every search turns on the Genie which brings down the huge Internet overload, usually found while searching. Shopping Genie offers the consumer a summary of the finest prices from major online vendors, shopping engines, auction and free offer sites including Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Google Products, Bizrate, and’s million-plus coupon engine.

The corporation behind My Shopping Genie is MyNet Universe, a private held company, co-founded by Sam Mendez, David Freed, Ed Muto, Steve O’Brian and Keith Smith in 2008. The software developer of My Shopping Genie is Randy Blade.

A further significant point is to get a comprehension of the business model My Shopping Genie utilizes. The business model is identified as network marketing, also identified as multi-level-marketing. A small amount of people does not totally comprehend this model and are hence skeptical.

In this article we will look at different sides of MSG and see if any of them might be a scam.

My Shopping Genie business model can be divided in 3 sections:

• Network marketing. You can sponsor other license owners and let them be part of My Shopping Genie opportunity. For each 2 new license possessors you introduce, you receive 100 USD one time. Beside that, there is a residual income stream of 10 USD per month, on condition that the 2 license owners stated earlier stay active. And you will be able to make 20% over the click commission these new license holders make.

• Click commission. My Shopping Genie permits the license holder to be paid income the same way Google, Bing or Yahoo are making their billions. These companies make money by having corporations putting their ads on the search engines, called (PPC) Pay per click income. As soon as people explore the internet and click on the ads, a fixed amount of money is charged by the search engine to the corporation that placed the advertisement. What you in reality achieve with My Shopping Genie is helping an individual to economize by giving them the Genie for free and whenever they click on links within the application, you earn commission. The typical monthly click commission per active application is 3 USD

• Affiliate commission. The click commission will be paid out as soon someone clicks on the link, so a selling is not required. The third income stream, Affiliate Commission, is connected to an actual sale. In case someone clicks on a link to Amazon, offered by the Genie you handed over, and this person purchases the product, you will obtain a proportion of the sale. This is identified as affiliate commission.

If we look at the folks that created this company, all are well known within the industry; we can deduce that it is a reliable company. In addition, the rankings this business attains within the network marketing industry are excellent.

The second point is that they hand over a FREE app that assists people with saving money with the standard acquisitions they do online. The only terrible thing that can occur to a user of My Shopping Genie is that he does not obtain the outcome he wishes. But it did not cost a thing.

These two aspects conduct to the conclusion that the company and its application are no scam. But what about the business model and the opportunity to make a fortune?

There are out there many people in the network marketing industry doing well so we can not state that this model does not work. The most important point is, like with any other business: you truly have to know what you are doing. You need the suitable skill sets to profit from the opportunity or be prepared to learn these skill sets. Looking at the various streams of income My Shopping Genie offers, we have to bring to a close that it seems to be an attractive opportunity.

Considering the one-time starting costs of 199 USD and a monthly fee of 29 USD, it is a rather low investment to start getting into the game.

This leads to the conclusion that the business opportunity too cannot be considered a scam. I would just like to suggest you to pay attention as this is not a get quick rich thing and you should really ensure you have your strategy and tactics in place.

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