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Jewellery is the cupcake of a woman’s or girls’ life and of course, if you are a woman, you definitely can’t deny this fact. There is the world full of jewellery and trinkets around us but we make simple mistakes while doing with them. It is hard but not impossible to make it a right selection. Just focus on what you love and admire the reflection of yours a bit more while standing near the mirror!

So let’s start the session of admiring oneself by picking out right types of jewellery that you should wear with different ethnic clothes.

Scroll on peeps…

Borla Maang Tikka

The best thing to adapt a cultural beauty is to wear it is directed or have been seen. You will feel the essence of the tradition after following that. Do you have a keen liking towards Borla maang tikka? And you don’t know how to wear them? Hold on and pour your peeps into our style tip session.

Style Tips:

  • Wear them with bright coloured salwar suits
  • Make sure the chunni or dupatta is made of light or sheen fabric.

Nose Ring

It sounds weird and painful but seems really beautiful when it’s done. Nose ring adds a delicacy to the beauty of every woman. Just make it on the right side and right distance. So here are some tips for the next time when you buy online pendant set.

Style Tips:

  • Pair this with kaftans and flaunt it off like a brat.
  • If your face cut is long and square, congrats you can wear any type nose ring designs.

Pop Coloured Necklace

The pop colour is loved by the women of free spirit. Are you one of them? Carry this stylish notion with the pop coloured necklace from the couture of IndiaRush and pair it perfectly with women ethnic wear online.

Style Tips:

  • Catch out this pretty necklace set with catchy skirt and kurti.
  • Don’t forget to wear a leatherette watch.

Fabricated Bangles

Fabricated bangles are the comfortable picks among all because they don’t break and never hurt. These online bangles are available in various kinds of colours and in vivacious fabrics as well.

Style Tips:

  • Wear them with Patiala salwars and short kurtis.
  • Don’t forget to carry your Shahi elan with juttis and sling bag.

Kamarband Or Waist Band

The best way to flaunt this traditional jewellery is to wear it in a modern way but with cultural essence. In general, women love to wear them with lehengas, sarees and other naval flaunting dresses but the mixed trend says to wear this jewel with long skirt and shirt.

Style Tips:

  • Make sure the colour of both of the skirt and waistband is contrasting
  • Don’t forget to carry this attire with hobo or handbag.

When you have an allergy to different jewelry pieces, it can be difficult to wear what you want. The reason a lot of people have nickel allergies is because of the metal that is in these items. This is why it is important for you to recognize an allergic reaction before it is able to get worse, which can be a wonderful option for when you’re thinking of buying Earrings for Sensitive Ears – Best Solution for Sensitive Skin on the internet.

What are Nickel Allergies?

Nickel allergies are incredibly common, but they can be problematic if you happen to have one. You will probably not be able to wear regular items because of the fact that it will irritate your skin. The allergy will be skin-based, and it could cause chaffing, dryness and irritation that is difficult to feel good about. The only way to get rid of the issue is for you to get rid of the jewelry that is causing the reaction that you happen to be having. You will find that this helps within just a few hours of taking the jewelry off.

What to Do About It

If you have a nickel allergy, you are going to need to stay away from items that have nickel in them. This means that you are going to have to invest in better quality pieces. While this might seem like a pain, there are actually quite a lot of different items on the market to meet your needs. You do not have to spend a small fortune on the items you’d like to wear. Be sure that you look online to see what is available to you and how much you are willing to spend on these items.

The Right Jewelry

The right jewelry will make all the difference for you, so it is imperative that you switch out old and cheaper jewelry with items made with better quality materials. You will find that this alleviates any type of allergic reaction that you might have, which means that you’ll be feeling good and looking great because the items are not going to be irritating your skin. You can look for a wide range of items on the internet to meet your needs and get over the type of allergy that you are currently having.

It is so important that you look into finding great pieces and getting rid of the nickel jewelry that you have. One of the major issues that people have is the fact that they are finding it difficult to wear pieces that they feel comfortable in themselves. One of the most important things to remember is that there are tons of items out there to make it easy for you to wear these pieces while feeling and looking your best. There are a lot of people who are wanting to get over their sensitivities, but they do not know the first thing about this option, so this is when you’ll want to look online.

  • Introduction

Which of these is the correct description, glasses, spectacles of eye wear? Well, in truth who really cares! We’ll use all three and maybe invent some more.

Somewhat to my amusement, I discovered a dictionary definition of ‘spectacle case’; I was informed that a spectacle case is ‘for storing spectacles’. The sad part being, I actually took the time to look it up in the first place!

However Italian leather glasses cases are very much than a pouch for storing spectacles; they are practical fashion accessories.

  • What’s so special about Italian leather?

Italian leather is regarded as the best leather in the world. It is used in the production of many, many products; being particularly popular within the fashion industry. It is not mass produced but carefully and skilfully manufactured from only the finest hides. It is this extreme attention to detail that gives Italian leather a superior look and feel over its churned-out counterparts.

The feel, texture and aroma of Italian leather makes for a delicious sensory treat.

OK, initially Italian leather is not the cheapest leather option, but it is, thanks to meticulous production, extraordinarily durable. Durability makes for longevity, and longevity represents value for money!

Furthermore, Italian leather used in such items as glasses cases is easily maintained, an occasional wipe with a damp cloth will suffice. It is also resistant to minor scratches and stains.

  • What’s so special about Italian leather eye wear cases?

So many of us spectacle wearers have long endured inadequate flimsy pouches or bulky hard cases that really aren’t pocket friendly. Italian leather cases are lightweight, protective and beautifully designed.

Yes, they are definitely a fashion accessory, coming in a range of wonderful colours and tones; including blacks, blues, browns, burgundies, green, greys, tan and vermillion. Shop the leather glasses from Shopper Stop.

For a good example of colour choice and styling take a peek at one of the premiere online suppliers; BUTTI Eyewear Cases.

Here you will find a whole stunning range in a style and colour to match your eyes or, perhaps, your Porsche! Italian leather cases, are very smart accessories that have a practical use and more than a hint of absolute class.

On the practical side, the Butti presented cases all come equipped with a clever spectacle ejector mechanism; well perhaps not quite the right description, but suffice to say you don’t have to fumble around in the case leaving thumb and finger prints all over the lenses.

  • How much do they cost?

Check out the BUTTI website for more details. Here you’ll find an easy to navigate site with all eye wear cases shown along with current prices. Ordering is simple and delivery fast.

There are styles specifically designed for men and women; you’ll be sorely tempted to buy more than just one case. The perfect special gift or treat any one could ever wish for.

  • In conclusion

Italian leather glasses cases are beautiful, they’re a must have decoration that will protect your specs and impress all your friends.

To most people, role playing or dressing up is nothing but a silly game, but it is much more than that. It is actually a therapeutic practice that allows you the freedom to be someone else or act out a hidden issue without exposing yourself. It is a way to escape yourself for a moment and find peace. The following are some ways you can enjoy role-playing.

Try the Theater

An effective way you can try a little role-playing is by simply acting. You do not need much but a little talent and the willingness to try something. Go to local theater clubs to see if you can learn the craft. Those who are a little shy and don’t want to act with working actors can try a little home theater with family or friends. Find plays or movies you want to act out, and just try it out. You could even record your work for fun. You never know. This might be your new favorite hobby.

Online Adventure

Some people want to try role-playing but find it difficult to do it in real life. It might be time to assume a different identity using online platforms like online games. These games allow you to take on characters from a game and perform adventures as these characters. You get to join adventures with others just like you who are seeking a way to leave the world they know for a moment. Of course, you should try to find online games that you are compatible with to have an easier time connecting to the game.

Comic World

It is okay if you do not want to act and find it difficult to get into character online. There is another solution, which does involve wearing costumes. Some people cannot put themselves in other people’s shoes until they are actually wearing something different. Changing your clothes is one thing, but what about changing into something grand like a superhero. All you really need is the right touches like a good cape that you can find at to make your costume, which should be enough to step away from yourself for a moment.

Virtual Trip

Another good idea would be to use virtual reality technology to step into another person’s shoe. This can also help a person who is having hard time role playing online or in person. Virtual reality helps you feel like someone else because it helps you experience what this virtual character is experiencing. In essence, you are having a voyeur experience through the eyes of a character in your virtual reality game. The brain is going to have a hard time understanding that you are not actually experiencing what you are seeing in the game, which makes this an easy way to role play.

These are just some ways that you can have a role-playing experience, which are all good for you. Do not be afraid to try something like this. These experiences can be rewarding.

There is a growing number of style brands and global firms showcasing girls wearing the Islamic headscarf. However, for a variety of reasons, some girls from conservative Islamic backgrounds are not content with this new trend.

Some of the largest brands these days are prominently placing model girls wearing traditional Islamic hijabs and abayas in their marketing campaigns.

The hijab has long been a controversial subject of dialogue; feminists, religious conservatives, secularists are a number of the online communities which have participated in a passionate debate about exactly what it reflects. However, this time, online and utilizing social media, it is some Muslim girls that are questioning the commercialization of hijab, i.e. using a spiritual idea to sell products.

Hijab modest modanisa review

The big time emergence of so-called hijabi fashion bloggers and the immense popularity of makeup tutorials directed at girls who wear the hijab can also be a heavily debated topic. They create millions of shares and views, but some girls cite this trend puts increasing pressure on them to transgress their Islamic limits in order to look modern and trendy.

On top of all this, recently a Turkish startup Modanisa held two Modest Fashion Weeks, one in Istanbul and the other in London, that garnered huge media coverage once again putting hijab into the mainstream media. Many conservative Muslims voiced their concerns over holding such fashion shows in the name of Islam.

They feel something sacred is being jeopardized by commercialism. Khadijah Ahmed is the editor of a new online magazine “Another Lenz”, nevertheless composed a personal narrative of how she wore the hijab for a couple of decades, then decided to quit wearing it. She told BBC Trending she felt driven by the pictures she saw in advertisements and on social networking.

“I do not believe the brands do us a favor – we do not want the acceptance of the mainstream media to approve of our unique personality,” Khadijah says. “It is not doing something for the Muslim community aside from decreasing the hijab – that I see as an act of worship – to something that is a just a means to look modern and trendy.”

So with the possibility of an increasing online backlash, why are manufacturers eager to flaunt this specific religious garment?

modansia fashion

“In these times, there’s a growing Muslim populace,” Shelina Jan Mohamed, the vice president of Ogilvy Noor, states, “and they’ve lifestyle ambitions about how they would like to live and that ought to be reflected just as with any other lifestyle aspiration.

“It is about how to tap the revenue potential of this Muslim segment.”

That strategy does have some support among female Muslims. Hend Amry is dubbed “the queen of Muslim Twitter” – and according to her even though she’s somewhat uneasy with this title, she does see an upside from the current emergence of hijab and abaya online.

“There’s just one change required, and that’s Muslim ladies have to tell their own narrative. Once that occurs the other narratives will get settled accordingly,” she states.

It seems the trend of hijab fashion is on the rise and it doesn’t appear to stop sometime soon. How the Muslims overall will react to it and whether this trend of Hijab Fashion will be able to get the approval of Muslims across the globe, that will become apparent with the passage of time.

Choosing the right accessory for your hair is perhaps the finest way to care and nurture your hair and efficiently maintaining a good hairstyle. There are plentiful of hair accessories available on the market that can easily augment your hair on the go.

When it comes to choosing a proper hairbrush, many women usually get confused to pick the right brush for their hair type. Here we’ll discuss some hair brushes that can complement your hair style without causing any damage to your hair and scalp.

Synthetic Bristle Hairbrush

For women with thick hair, a synthetic hair brush is an ideal choice. These synthetic brushes are made up of nylon and do not create a static charge and hence provide smooth and straight hair each time you comb. A synthetic brush can be used for long as well short hair types, and one can easily carry this hairbrush with themselves.

Numerous people prefer a synthetic over the other metallic brushes as they are known for best detangling of hair. Moreover, one can easily use this brush for both dry as well as wet hair.

Boar Bristle Hairbrush

These hair brushes are soft and easily spread the natural oils of your hair. A Boar bristle hairbrush is one of the finest hair brushes that offer smooth and shiny hair that can easily attract everyone’s attention. It is designed for almost every hair type, and you can easily use them for short as well as long straight hair type.

There are several options available in the market, and you can easily choose the one that matches your requirements. You can easily explore the internet for numerous designs and varieties.

Mixed Bristles Hairbrush

Another finest brush that can easily help you in maintaining your hairstyle is the mixed bristle hairbrush. This brush gives a smooth and shinier hair and properly detangles your hair. It is on the top list of renowned hair stylists, and they recommend the use of this hairbrush for regular hairstyling.

The brush is made up of both boar bristles as well as synthetic bristles and ensures proper shine and detangling efficiently. Apart from this, you can easily choose the size of the brush according to your hair length and convenience to carry. The Forbabs luxury hair brush is one of the finest hair brushes that are admired by numerous hair-specialists.

Paddle Hairbrush

A paddle brush is the most common hair brush that is best for everyday hair care and styling. The brush offers adequate shine and smoothness without many efforts. A paddle hairbrush can be used for any hair type and is usually handy to carry for on the go hair styling.

Vented Hairbrush

A vented hairbrush contains holes that lessen your drying time and eventually help you in getting shinier and smooth hair without many efforts. This type of hair brushes are best for wet hair and can be conveniently carried.


The market is flooded with numerous hair brushes, and you need to pick the right one as per your requirements. You can choose the hairbrushes mentioned above for smooth and silky hair.



Summer is here and it is important for you to take care of your skin and hair from the harsh UV rays of the sun. It is crucial for you to ensure that you apply sunscreen when you walk out into the sun and protect your eyes with a good pair of protective sunglasses. However, when it comes to your hair, you might be at a loss as you do not know what to do. You do not have to roll your hair into an ugly bun all the time you step out into the sun. There are ways for you to protect your hair and flaunt your tresses with pride naturally!

Summer tips for shiny hair

Flow Industry in the USA have some of the best hair care stylists and they say that if you are looking for healthy hair, it is important for you to ensure that you have the right hair care products that suit your hair type. Now, if you live in a place that is very hot, it is prudent for you to cover your tresses with a hat or a scarf. You not only keep the harmful sun rays at bay but you also retain moisture for your hair as well.

  • Keep your hair loose

Yes, this might sound strange but if you really wish to protect your hair from the collection of sweat, it is prudent to keep it loose so that the air flows through it naturally. However, in the summer, you must avoid washing your tresses too much. This snatches the natural moisture of the hair. If you do need to wash your hair in the summer, it is recommended for you to use a gentle shampoo from a good brand that is recommended for daily washing. Ensure that the shampoo that you use has a SPF factor too.

  • Naturally dry your hair

Do not use blow dryers to dry your hair warns the experts of Flow Industry. Ensure that you naturally air dry your hair for protection. If you use too much of blow dryers you will find that your hair becomes very frizzy. You can also use some simple home remedies to give your hair the good health and care it deserves. You can mix aloe vera, avocado oil and water. You may put all these ingredients into a bottle and apply it when your hair feels dry. In this way you can remove the dryness and the fizziness in your hair.

Flow Industry says that these are some simple tips for you to remember in summer. It is important for you to condition your hair during the summer months- this is step you should never miss. In case, you live in a very hot terrain, apply some sunscreen on your face and when you are done, run your fingers through your hair. Many people are not aware of this simple tip where they can protect their hair and face too from the sun during the hot and humid weather. Last but not the least summer is a very good time for you to cut your hair and give it a good trim!

The style of the Mermaid is truly one of the most unusual and interesting types of wedding dresses. It originates from the silhouette of the Princess dresses and, thanks to the fashion designers’ fantasy, has a unique shape. Not every bride will risk choosing this type of wedding dress, mainly because of the original cut and emphasis on certain forms of the figure.
Features of Mermaid Dresses

This wedding dress is distinguished by a narrow, body-fitting top, and a smooth extension from the middle of the thigh or even the middle of the knees. It’s got its name because of its similarity to the fish tail. Most often, the bottom of this dress has a tail of different lengths or drapery from behind. It can also be decorated with a cascade of flounces. Rarely, this silhouette has a rounded skirt shape.

Decoration of the Upper Part of the Dress

There are several ways to decorate the upper part of the mermaid dress:

  • lacing or corset bodice;
  • a closed version with long sleeves;
  • open back;
  • narrow or wide straps.

The right choice of the upper part of this silhouette dress can advantageously emphasize the dignity of the figure, graceful hands, a beautiful chest or back area. But do not overload the shoulder area of the dress so that it does not look clumsily, bearing in mind that the main accent is the skirt.

Who Can Choose a Mermaid Dress?

One of the main conditions for such a silhouette of the dress is large height (or high-heeled shoes). In such a wedding dress, it is almost impossible to hide faults. Girls with pear and triangle figure type are recommended to refrain from Mermaid style, because of the disproportionate forms. This style of dresses will emphasize the beauty of girls with hourglass figure & elegant shapes.

It is worth paying attention to one aspect: this type of dress, because of the thin fabric from which it is cut, often shows the folds on the body and the underwear line. This can spoil the whole image of the elegance of your appearance. In addition, it should be taken into consideration that the style of this dress quite strongly limits movement when walking.

Mermaid style is a good option for brides who love shocking. The style of this dress will fully attract guests’ attention and concentrate it on the bride, therefore she should preliminary bring herself into an ideal physical form. Thanks to this style of dress, it is easy to emphasize the sexuality and boldness. It will give a bride some extravagance, courage, sexuality, and confidence. If a woman adds an elongated veil or flower wreath to the image, this will give an impression of grace and tenderness. This style can fit the most diverse styles of wedding celebrations.


The making of a handicraft involves skill, creativity and innovation. A handicraft is truly a sign of artistic excellence and beauty which can be used for a number of decorative purposes. There are different categories such as household items, furniture, clothes, jewelry etc that are created by talented artists. For the creation of hand-made goods special tools are used for designing art on fabric, metal or wood. With different cultures you will experience different handicraft which are fascinating. This artistry is passed on from generation to generation which makes the artisans so great. These days, handicraft goods are made out of numerous materials. Brass handicrafts are quite unique that do require precision. The demand for brass handicrafts is very huge in Europe and North America. Brass artifacts made in India are supplied in huge quantities overseas. Moradabad is a city that is known for offering brass work of different types that is famous globally.

Brass Handicrafts in India

Indian handicrafts have evolved from the oldest civilization in the world. These innovations are a result of vast cultural and traditional diversification. Indian handicrafts have managed to acquire a reputed name around the world due to the classic & contemporary variety. These handicraft items can also be offered as precious gifts on special occasions. In India, the burial process is managed through specific rituals. Brass cremation urns are regarded as a valuable source to preserve the remains of loved ones. These urns are available in all shapes and sizes. Moreover, there are several designs which can be accessed for making the memories more precious. Brass urns can now be bought online and can even be customized as per your wish.

Home Décor Elements

Brass handicrafts are not only used as decorative pieces but have numerous utilities. Antique furniture and sculptures are admired by a larger customer population. The furniture made out of brass offers elegance. In order to make the home décor appear alluring you can surely add brass handicrafts which will add style and royalty. With time, brass antiques have grown popular both in Asia as well as European countries. Antique reproductions are indeed sensible to brighten up the interior. The most famous variety of brass handicrafts include statues, candle holders, figures, candle stands etc.

Online Decorative Ideas

You can take the help of internet in order to search for decorative ideas with brass handicrafts. Moreover, one can even check out websites for buying brass artifacts that are very impressive. You need not have to visit any store or shopping center but can sit at home and shop. Brass antiques are the best choice in order to make your house appear attractive.

Final Say:

Handicrafts made out of brass have a unique appearance that is mesmerizing. It requires great skill to make out brass artifacts. Skilled artisans for brass handicrafts are mainly centered in Asia and especially India. The prices vary depending on the design and artwork involved. Do not miss a chance to buy such handicrafts for your home décor.

If you have ever looked for products for kinky hair, you were probably disappointed by the lack of products that treat the range of natural hair types. It is difficult to find a hair product that can treat all types of hair and ethnicities. Going into a mainstream hair store will often lead to disappointing hair finds.

At Andre Walker Hair Care, you can find products that will match every hair type. Why not trust the hairstylist who created the industry standard for identifying hair types? For a hair product that will not let you down, you can trust Andre Walker Hair products. From natural hair to curly hair, there is a product to specifically nourish each hair type.

If you are looking for products for kinky hair, our moisturizing shampoos and conditioners will leave you with your best hair yet. Forget about the hair product cocktailing, and using many different products. With the Andre Walker Hair system, you only need a few products to treat your hair type. This foolproof hair system is not only incredibly nourishing but also inexpensive, available for every budget.

For curly hair, our curly hair shampoo is sulfate-free and adds a healthy softness and shine to your locks. This shampoo is specially formulated for dry/ coarse to textured or curly hair. Make peace with your hair, and find a system that will love your hair back. Try Andre Walker hair typing today to see the difference knowing your hair type and using products specially designed for your hair can make with your everyday look.

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