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Duncan William is a magician and mind reader from the West Midlands. His act extends beyond the classics of magic which have traditionally been reserved for pulling rabbits out of a hat, cutting women in half or making and aeroplane disappear.

Duncan’s magic is pure fun, exciting and contemporary and he has been a professional magician in Birmingham, mind reader and entertainer for over 15 years. Duncan’s takes both his close up and after-dinner cabaret act all over the West Midlands and performs regularly in Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Coventry and Solihull to name a few.

He also travels extensively around the UK and internationally. His close up magic mixes highly visual commercial magic such as vanishing decks of cards and changing them into blocks of glass, turning £10 notes into £20, or pulling you’re playing card out of his phone. What makes Duncan extra unique and perfect as a wedding magician, is his additional skill of mind reading. Skills such as telling you your star sign, unlocking your mobile phone, telling you your first kiss or revealing your bank PIN number are just some of the feats Duncan performs.

Duncan also travels extensively as a corporate and private party after-dinner entertainer and his act is self-contained and plays to audiences of up to 2000 for approximately 45 minutes. This show blends magic and mind reading with a heavy weighting on mind reading. It’s fresh, original, contemporary and highly interactive and fun.

Duncan has grown up watching classic magicians such as Paul Daniels, but it was when David Blaine came on to the scene in 2000 making magic cool where Duncan’s love of magic really flourished. Spearheaded by British magicians such as Paul Zenon and later, Derren Brown and Dynamo, Duncan has taken his magic to Japan for a 3 year engagement and all over the UK.

Duncan can also be hired to perform his magic at trade shows where he can tailor his act to include key corporate messages, branding and unique selling points. Again his act is highly interactive and is guaranteed to generate sales leads and is one of the best returns on investments if looking for something to bring potential clients or customers onto your exhibition stand.

So why hire a magician at all?

Well, hiring Duncan or any one of the hundreds of magicians in the UK or internationally, is an extremely versatile and adaptable form of business for either a party or corporate event. For a wedding, Duncan, if booked as a wedding magician, can mix and mingle with your guests whilst you are having your photos being taken. Other popular times for hiring Duncan include during the wedding breakfast where the bride and groom experience their first meal as a married couple. Great magic and mind reading is a perfect way to complement great food and wine. The third popular option for hiring a wedding magician is for the evening entertainment. A lot of evening guests may feel as though they have missed on a lot of the fun already at a wedding and may be looking forward to just the buffet to escape the awkwardness of not knowing anyone at the wedding. Hiring a skilled magician and mind reader like Duncan is the perfect way to break the ice between guests and integrate them into the party to leave them with something truly memorable to leave the wedding with.

Philip K Dick’s novel “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” was released as a film, Blade Runner, in 1982, and it changed fashion in a big way. Prior to this film, PVC was big in fashion and Cardin was delivering Jetson’s geometrical designs. Paco Rabanne had the catwalks in a storm.

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After Blade Runner, the world of fashion truly changed. Here we review the effect of Blade Runner on men’s fashion back then and now.

The original film

The film was set in 2019, and the character Rick Deckard was assigned to eliminate replicants, which were androids that looked like humans. The character then reflects on his reality and starts to question it, wondering what is truly real and what is not.

Back to the future

To this day, despite being only two years away from the date the film was set in, the film still looks as though it is set in the future. If you compare it to films like Atari that were also made in the 1980s, there is a big difference.

One could say there was real coming together of various aspects that made it work. The modern soundtrack had the effect giving it the sense of a Western Tokyo of sorts. A new release is coming out soon, Blade Runner 2049, starring Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford – again! Harrison Ford has even claimed that he can still fit into his original costume after 30 years.

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The designers

The original movie costume team – Mead, who also worked on the movie Tron (released in 1982); Ridley Scott, who did the sketches; and Charles Knode and Michael Kaplan, the designers – were real trend setters for the catwalks back then. They influenced the catwalk in a big way, and the designers were showcasing fashions influenced by Blade Runner. Men’s Designer Clothes such as http://ejmenswear.com/brands/farah will always seek to follow catwalk fashion as men and women alike are keen to be on trend.

With the new Blade Runner 2049 being released, the men’s catwalk and fashion trends will once again be hugely impacted by this movie. After all, what man does not want to look like a hero?

Keep an eye on the catwalks of fashion shows and watch as Blade Runner takes the lead in men’s fashion for the autumn season.

Eyewear is one of the biggest  niches in the fashion world today, but how do we protect our investment? Sadly, the answer is that most of us spend a fortune on eyewear, only for it be damaged by poor-quality glasses cases. Or, we get good protective glasses cases but they don’t match our fashionable glasses. But there is a solution – and this is why Butti leather glasses cases give the best of both worlds.

Let’s explain the ‘best of both worlds’

Which countries are the two most eminent in the fashion world today?  That’s right – Italy and Great Britain. So imagine if your men’s leather glasses cases came with the provenance of Italian heritage, British style – sounds great, right?

Well, Butti leather glasses case fulfil that promise – a true modern classic that reinvents the classic glasses case with the best of both fashion worlds.

Stylish, sleek and yet so protective, Butti leather glasses cases provide luxury protection for your eyewear without compromising looks or style.

Manufactured from the highest quality leathers, Butti cases combine functionality with simplicity, whilst retaining beautiful, stylish looks.

So not only do Butti leather glasses cases give the best of both worlds – British style and Italian heritage – but they do so combining practicality, simplicity and style.

Butti leather glasses cases, a multitude of colours and styles

How many stylish glasses cases can you recall? Perhaps not many, and if you can, its likely most where either the same colour, same material or the same effect right?

Not with Butti leather cases – Men’s and Women’s are available in a range of colours (Tan, Vermilion, Burgundy, Blue, Black) and a variety of styles/effects (Verona, Emilia, Catania, Verona) to perfectly accessorise and match your eyewear.

You may prefer your Butti leather eyewear case to be light yet bold, so go with the Verona tan which has a crocodile skin effect.

Need something a bit more subtle? Go with Emilia Burgundy, which has a more subtle circle/bubble effect in a more subdued colour.

It’s not just about fashion though

Of course, looks are important – but so is practicality. It’s no use having a beautiful glasses case that doesn’t offer strong protection, or isn’t easy to use.

With Butti leather glasses cases, not only are they a breeze to use – and you can check their videos on their website if you don’t believe this – but they offer rock solid protection. Simplicity, functionality and beauty remember?

Conclusion: shouldn’t you be trusting your lovely glasses to Butti leather cases?

We’ve shown you a great combination of Italian Heritage and British style in Butti leather cases. Simplicity, beauty and functionality – don’t they sound the perfect cases to protect your prized fashionable eyewear?


Jewellery is the cupcake of a woman’s or girls’ life and of course, if you are a woman, you definitely can’t deny this fact. There is the world full of jewellery and trinkets around us but we make simple mistakes while doing with them. It is hard but not impossible to make it a right selection. Just focus on what you love and admire the reflection of yours a bit more while standing near the mirror!

So let’s start the session of admiring oneself by picking out right types of jewellery that you should wear with different ethnic clothes.

Scroll on peeps…

Borla Maang Tikka

The best thing to adapt a cultural beauty is to wear it is directed or have been seen. You will feel the essence of the tradition after following that. Do you have a keen liking towards Borla maang tikka? And you don’t know how to wear them? Hold on and pour your peeps into our style tip session.

Style Tips:

  • Wear them with bright coloured salwar suits
  • Make sure the chunni or dupatta is made of light or sheen fabric.

Nose Ring

It sounds weird and painful but seems really beautiful when it’s done. Nose ring adds a delicacy to the beauty of every woman. Just make it on the right side and right distance. So here are some tips for the next time when you buy online pendant set.

Style Tips:

  • Pair this with kaftans and flaunt it off like a brat.
  • If your face cut is long and square, congrats you can wear any type nose ring designs.

Pop Coloured Necklace

The pop colour is loved by the women of free spirit. Are you one of them? Carry this stylish notion with the pop coloured necklace from the couture of IndiaRush and pair it perfectly with women ethnic wear online.

Style Tips:

  • Catch out this pretty necklace set with catchy skirt and kurti.
  • Don’t forget to wear a leatherette watch.

Fabricated Bangles

Fabricated bangles are the comfortable picks among all because they don’t break and never hurt. These online bangles are available in various kinds of colours and in vivacious fabrics as well.

Style Tips:

  • Wear them with Patiala salwars and short kurtis.
  • Don’t forget to carry your Shahi elan with juttis and sling bag.

Kamarband Or Waist Band

The best way to flaunt this traditional jewellery is to wear it in a modern way but with cultural essence. In general, women love to wear them with lehengas, sarees and other naval flaunting dresses but the mixed trend says to wear this jewel with long skirt and shirt.

Style Tips:

  • Make sure the colour of both of the skirt and waistband is contrasting
  • Don’t forget to carry this attire with hobo or handbag.

When you have an allergy to different jewelry pieces, it can be difficult to wear what you want. The reason a lot of people have nickel allergies is because of the metal that is in these items. This is why it is important for you to recognize an allergic reaction before it is able to get worse, which can be a wonderful option for when you’re thinking of buying Earrings for Sensitive Ears – Best Solution for Sensitive Skin on the internet.

What are Nickel Allergies?

Nickel allergies are incredibly common, but they can be problematic if you happen to have one. You will probably not be able to wear regular items because of the fact that it will irritate your skin. The allergy will be skin-based, and it could cause chaffing, dryness and irritation that is difficult to feel good about. The only way to get rid of the issue is for you to get rid of the jewelry that is causing the reaction that you happen to be having. You will find that this helps within just a few hours of taking the jewelry off.

What to Do About It

If you have a nickel allergy, you are going to need to stay away from items that have nickel in them. This means that you are going to have to invest in better quality pieces. While this might seem like a pain, there are actually quite a lot of different items on the market to meet your needs. You do not have to spend a small fortune on the items you’d like to wear. Be sure that you look online to see what is available to you and how much you are willing to spend on these items.

The Right Jewelry

The right jewelry will make all the difference for you, so it is imperative that you switch out old and cheaper jewelry with items made with better quality materials. You will find that this alleviates any type of allergic reaction that you might have, which means that you’ll be feeling good and looking great because the items are not going to be irritating your skin. You can look for a wide range of items on the internet to meet your needs and get over the type of allergy that you are currently having.

It is so important that you look into finding great pieces and getting rid of the nickel jewelry that you have. One of the major issues that people have is the fact that they are finding it difficult to wear pieces that they feel comfortable in themselves. One of the most important things to remember is that there are tons of items out there to make it easy for you to wear these pieces while feeling and looking your best. There are a lot of people who are wanting to get over their sensitivities, but they do not know the first thing about this option, so this is when you’ll want to look online.

  • Introduction

Which of these is the correct description, glasses, spectacles of eye wear? Well, in truth who really cares! We’ll use all three and maybe invent some more.

Somewhat to my amusement, I discovered a dictionary definition of ‘spectacle case’; I was informed that a spectacle case is ‘for storing spectacles’. The sad part being, I actually took the time to look it up in the first place!

However Italian leather glasses cases are very much than a pouch for storing spectacles; they are practical fashion accessories.

  • What’s so special about Italian leather?

Italian leather is regarded as the best leather in the world. It is used in the production of many, many products; being particularly popular within the fashion industry. It is not mass produced but carefully and skilfully manufactured from only the finest hides. It is this extreme attention to detail that gives Italian leather a superior look and feel over its churned-out counterparts.

The feel, texture and aroma of Italian leather makes for a delicious sensory treat.

OK, initially Italian leather is not the cheapest leather option, but it is, thanks to meticulous production, extraordinarily durable. Durability makes for longevity, and longevity represents value for money!

Furthermore, Italian leather used in such items as glasses cases is easily maintained, an occasional wipe with a damp cloth will suffice. It is also resistant to minor scratches and stains.

  • What’s so special about Italian leather eye wear cases?

So many of us spectacle wearers have long endured inadequate flimsy pouches or bulky hard cases that really aren’t pocket friendly. Italian leather cases are lightweight, protective and beautifully designed.

Yes, they are definitely a fashion accessory, coming in a range of wonderful colours and tones; including blacks, blues, browns, burgundies, green, greys, tan and vermillion. Shop the leather glasses from Shopper Stop.

For a good example of colour choice and styling take a peek at one of the premiere online suppliers; BUTTI Eyewear Cases.

Here you will find a whole stunning range in a style and colour to match your eyes or, perhaps, your Porsche! Italian leather cases, are very smart accessories that have a practical use and more than a hint of absolute class.

On the practical side, the Butti presented cases all come equipped with a clever spectacle ejector mechanism; well perhaps not quite the right description, but suffice to say you don’t have to fumble around in the case leaving thumb and finger prints all over the lenses.

  • How much do they cost?

Check out the BUTTI website for more details. Here you’ll find an easy to navigate site with all eye wear cases shown along with current prices. Ordering is simple and delivery fast.

There are styles specifically designed for men and women; you’ll be sorely tempted to buy more than just one case. The perfect special gift or treat any one could ever wish for.

  • In conclusion

Italian leather glasses cases are beautiful, they’re a must have decoration that will protect your specs and impress all your friends.

To most people, role playing or dressing up is nothing but a silly game, but it is much more than that. It is actually a therapeutic practice that allows you the freedom to be someone else or act out a hidden issue without exposing yourself. It is a way to escape yourself for a moment and find peace. The following are some ways you can enjoy role-playing.

Try the Theater

An effective way you can try a little role-playing is by simply acting. You do not need much but a little talent and the willingness to try something. Go to local theater clubs to see if you can learn the craft. Those who are a little shy and don’t want to act with working actors can try a little home theater with family or friends. Find plays or movies you want to act out, and just try it out. You could even record your work for fun. You never know. This might be your new favorite hobby.

Online Adventure

Some people want to try role-playing but find it difficult to do it in real life. It might be time to assume a different identity using online platforms like online games. These games allow you to take on characters from a game and perform adventures as these characters. You get to join adventures with others just like you who are seeking a way to leave the world they know for a moment. Of course, you should try to find online games that you are compatible with to have an easier time connecting to the game.

Comic World

It is okay if you do not want to act and find it difficult to get into character online. There is another solution, which does involve wearing costumes. Some people cannot put themselves in other people’s shoes until they are actually wearing something different. Changing your clothes is one thing, but what about changing into something grand like a superhero. All you really need is the right touches like a good cape that you can find at Capes.com to make your costume, which should be enough to step away from yourself for a moment.

Virtual Trip

Another good idea would be to use virtual reality technology to step into another person’s shoe. This can also help a person who is having hard time role playing online or in person. Virtual reality helps you feel like someone else because it helps you experience what this virtual character is experiencing. In essence, you are having a voyeur experience through the eyes of a character in your virtual reality game. The brain is going to have a hard time understanding that you are not actually experiencing what you are seeing in the game, which makes this an easy way to role play.

These are just some ways that you can have a role-playing experience, which are all good for you. Do not be afraid to try something like this. These experiences can be rewarding.

There is a growing number of style brands and global firms showcasing girls wearing the Islamic headscarf. However, for a variety of reasons, some girls from conservative Islamic backgrounds are not content with this new trend.

Some of the largest brands these days are prominently placing model girls wearing traditional Islamic hijabs and abayas in their marketing campaigns.

The hijab has long been a controversial subject of dialogue; feminists, religious conservatives, secularists are a number of the online communities which have participated in a passionate debate about exactly what it reflects. However, this time, online and utilizing social media, it is some Muslim girls that are questioning the commercialization of hijab, i.e. using a spiritual idea to sell products.

Hijab modest modanisa review

The big time emergence of so-called hijabi fashion bloggers and the immense popularity of makeup tutorials directed at girls who wear the hijab can also be a heavily debated topic. They create millions of shares and views, but some girls cite this trend puts increasing pressure on them to transgress their Islamic limits in order to look modern and trendy.

On top of all this, recently a Turkish startup Modanisa held two Modest Fashion Weeks, one in Istanbul and the other in London, that garnered huge media coverage once again putting hijab into the mainstream media. Many conservative Muslims voiced their concerns over holding such fashion shows in the name of Islam.

They feel something sacred is being jeopardized by commercialism. Khadijah Ahmed is the editor of a new online magazine “Another Lenz”, nevertheless composed a personal narrative of how she wore the hijab for a couple of decades, then decided to quit wearing it. She told BBC Trending she felt driven by the pictures she saw in advertisements and on social networking.

“I do not believe the brands do us a favor – we do not want the acceptance of the mainstream media to approve of our unique personality,” Khadijah says. “It is not doing something for the Muslim community aside from decreasing the hijab – that I see as an act of worship – to something that is a just a means to look modern and trendy.”

So with the possibility of an increasing online backlash, why are manufacturers eager to flaunt this specific religious garment?

modansia fashion

“In these times, there’s a growing Muslim populace,” Shelina Jan Mohamed, the vice president of Ogilvy Noor, states, “and they’ve lifestyle ambitions about how they would like to live and that ought to be reflected just as with any other lifestyle aspiration.

“It is about how to tap the revenue potential of this Muslim segment.”

That strategy does have some support among female Muslims. Hend Amry is dubbed “the queen of Muslim Twitter” – and according to her even though she’s somewhat uneasy with this title, she does see an upside from the current emergence of hijab and abaya online.

“There’s just one change required, and that’s Muslim ladies have to tell their own narrative. Once that occurs the other narratives will get settled accordingly,” she states.

It seems the trend of hijab fashion is on the rise and it doesn’t appear to stop sometime soon. How the Muslims overall will react to it and whether this trend of Hijab Fashion will be able to get the approval of Muslims across the globe, that will become apparent with the passage of time.

He requires, “Will a person marry me personally? ” The actual engagement happiness is environment in, and wedding ceremony planning is only the starting. Most recently engaged partners begin the actual creative preparing stages of the anticipated wedding within the very first week from the engagement. After that reality strikes… the wedding ceremony budget.

Following photography, blossoms, catering, wedding ceremony planning services, the actual cake, the actual rings, the actual groom’s tuxedo, among most essential items in the wedding may be the bridal dress. Your desire dress might not be in your financial allowance but should you consider purchasing a used wedding gown it might easily fit in your cost range after just about all.

When used involves mind it may seem, “The dress defintely won’t be as unique, ” “The dress may be worn through another bride-to-be, ” “The dress won’t be unique. ” This isn’t the case whatsoever. Here tend to be five excellent reasons to purchase a used wedding gown.

No. 5 “Green” May be the New “White”

“Green” May be the New “White” with regards to being eco savvy. This isn’t referring to locating that ideal green wedding gown, this means you’re taking a good initiative to buy and personal a recycled gown in your wedding day time. Buying an additional woman’s wedding dress and putting on that preowned dress is really a rather smart choice.

Absolutely no. 4 You will Only Put it on Once

You’re wearing this particular dress as soon as. One day time, one celebration for those to observe. The preowned wedding dress that you’re purchasing offers only already been worn as soon as. Used wedding gowns are just like special because never put on before wedding gowns. The gown that you’re about to buy was handled with real care simply because for another person, like a person, that gown was probably the most important facets of the wedding towards the bride.

Absolutely no. 3 Both Dress Bride-to-be

You really are a woman that cannot choose just 1 dress as well as rather put on two dresses in your special day time. Going the actual used path seems much more logical as well as practical. If you prefer a dress change on your wedding as well as reception a range of used dresses seems as well perfect.

Absolutely no. 2 Individuals Pleaser

Your mom wants you to definitely wear the conservative golf ball gown in your wedding day time, you really don’t want in order to disappoint your own loving as well as giving mom. You, however want an attractive chic gown to recite your own vows within and dancing the night away together with your future bridegroom. Finding both wedding dresses at the heavily reduced price since they’re used is actually reason enough to purchase new.

Absolutely no. 1 Bride on the Budget

You would like Vera Wang, but can’t even start to think the way you would pay for a classic couture dress. Simply purchase a used personal designer dress in a fraction from the original price and amazing everyone at the wedding. At the conclusion of the night time you won’t be wishing you can return the overvalued lux wedding gown. You purchased a utilized designer dress, dazzled your own husband as well as guests with no one had been the smarter.

A woman’s wedding is most surely one, otherwise the just day which she may truly seem like a princess and also have a day time that’s really story book in character. In a marriage, we need to admit the actual 80 % or almost 100 % of the interest goes towards the bride. When your woman walks lower the section we discover our gazes fixed on her behalf and start to assess the woman’s hair, the woman’s make-up, her jewelry not to mention, her wedding gown.

In the bride’s globe, the wedding gown is the actual “cream from the crop” of that she’s to get ready for the wedding ceremony. It is the thing that your woman can truly focus on preparing that more often than not, is simply for her joy. Wedding planners could be hired, but with regards to the gown your decision making may always fall about the bride. If you are bride-to-be about the conquest of searching for your perfect wedding gown, here really are a few tips you can do:

1. Satisfy nobody but your self – Although you will find both of you to end up being celebrated inside a wedding and can also be about your family and friends, you need to remember that the wedding can also be about celebrating you and also the choices you have made. Your range of gown might reflect all of this too. Therefore in selecting your wedding gown, you might take suggestions of individuals in your area but eventually, you need to be happy with what you should be putting on in probably the most important days in your life.

2. Choose the dress which best displays you – There are lots of choices how the market offers with regards to bridal dresses and could confuse you too. But it doesn’t matter what cut, form, color, or exactly what material you select, you have to make certain that your dress yourself in itself will talk about you like a person. Having this in your wedding day will help you be much more confident.

3. Make certain you dress is suitable to the actual venue — Your wedding gown will additionally contribute greatly towards the over-all feeling that you are searching for your wedding ceremony. So ensure that the gown you select will not really clash together with your venue. For instance, if you’re having the beach wedding ceremony, a gentle, flowing dress goes perfectly with this “laid back again beach vibe”.

four. Choose the dress which will blend together with your groom — When about the altar, you’ll be standing together with your groom too. People is going to be looking in the both you what exactly the the two of you will end up being wearing is going to be something to become considered as well. Make sure your gown will enhance what your own groom is actually wearing in addition to this can also be a basis from the relationship that you simply both possess.
Your wedding gown would have been a mark inside your family’s background. So allow your wedding gown speak for that happiness that your family are soon to possess.

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